Mintz Group04/19 – 08/19

The most complicated WordPress site I’ve done in a while. Almost every page is different, and each has 3 layouts (mobile, tablet, desktop). Especially challenging were the “chumboxes”: modular content with complex layouts that could be placed arbitrarily on any page. I had to use a combination of custom post types, Advanced Custom Fields, custom Gutenberg blocks, and Bootstrap with lots of flexbox tricks to pull this off.

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The site begins with a cool JS 3D animation.
It's responsive, with 3 layouts, so it looks good on desktop...
…and on mobile.
These modular "chumboxes" were especially challenging. Custom Post Types, Gutenberg/Bootstrap Blocks, and some flexbox magic.
We used SVG graphics everywhere for scalability, and I threw in a little JS animation.
I made a custom mini-Personnel database for them to present their employees, and they're all filterable by name/location/specialty.